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Leadership Assessment & Selection

Combining the latest assessment techniques with our global experience selecting game-changing leaders, we identify leaders with the mindset, capabilities and behaviours to deliver great results and thrive in a fast-changing world.

We always start with a discovery process to understand “what great looks like” in the role. During this process, we look beyond current requirements. We ensure the brief includes longer-term aspirations, including candidates who will complement the team and add to your talent pipeline and culture.

Based on the brief, we build a powerful interview and assessment process to measure candidates’ strengths, performance risks and potential.

Our APEXLeader™ approach is an  in-depth assessment to help identify exceptional leaders and future leaders. This involves:

  • An in-depth interview  to uncover a leader’s Achievements, Personality (strengths and risk area), Energy and standout talents, their X-factor.
  • Fit-for-purpose psychometric tests and problem-solving tasks. These provide additional insights into a leader’s underlying personality, motives and performance risks.

Our assessment approach enables you to:

  • build alignment among key stakeholders on the best candidates,
  • compare candidates using objective data, and
  • understand their strengths and potential performance risks.

Other solutions include:

  • Designing leadership competency and behaviour frameworks
  • Leadership team profiling
  • Identifying future leaders

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As co-founder of Strengthscope®, James Brook, our MD, and our team of highly skilled psychologists are ideally placed to help you implement Strengthscope® for assessment and development of your leaders.