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Leadership Assessment & Selection

By combining objective assessment techniques with our extensive experience selecting internal and external candidates for leadership roles, we identify talented leaders with the mindset, strengths, and adaptability to succeed in an unpredictable world.

Our process starts with a discovery process to understand “what great looks like” in the role, as well as the best team fit required for success. During this process, we don’t just consider current requirements. We ensure the brief reflects longer-term aspirations and talent needs, including diverse candidates who will complement the team and bring new thinking and expertise to your organization.

Based on the candidate brief, we partner with clients to build a powerful interview and assessment process to measure candidates’ talents, performance risks, potential and fit.

APEXLeader™ assessment involves a comprehensive multi-method assessment process to help identify exceptional leaders and future leaders. This involves:

  • An in-depth interview that goes well beyond standard interviews to uncover a leader’s Achievements, Personality (strengths and risk area), Energy and motivation and standout talents, their X-factor.
  • A range of carefully selected psychometric tests and job – relevant problem-solving tasks. These provide additional insights into the leader’s underlying personality, motives, performance risks and problem – solving abilities.

Our assessment approach enables you to:

  • build alignment among key stakeholders,
  • compare candidates using robust data, and
  • understand their risks and choose the best leader for your organization.

Other solutions include:

  • Designing and implementing leadership competency and behaviour frameworks
  • Leadership team profiling to support development or team fit decisions
  • Identifying emerging and future leaders

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As co-designer of Strengthscope®, James Brook, our MD, and our team of highly skilled consultants and psychologists are ideally placed to help you implement Strengthscope® for assessment and development of your leaders.