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Our leadership development, leadership coaching and organizational change solutions help you develop positive leaders and thriving workplaces to deliver breakthrough performance, innovation and sustainable growth.

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Leadership Assessment & Selection

Our process starts with a discovery process to understand “what great looks like” in the role, as well as the best team fit required for success. During this process, we don’t just consider current requirements. We ensure the brief reflects longer-term aspirations and talent needs, including diverse candidates who will complement the team and bring new thinking and expertise to your organization.

Based on the candidate brief, we partner with clients to build a powerful interview and assessment process to measure candidates’ talents, performance risks, potential and fit.

APEXLeader™ assessment involves a comprehensive multi-method assessment process to help identify exceptional leaders and future leaders. This involves:

  • An in-depth interview that goes well beyond standard interviews to uncover a leader’s Achievements, Personality (strengths and risk area), Energy and motivation and standout talents, their X-factor.
  • A range of carefully selected psychometric tests and job – relevant problem-solving tasks. These provide additional insights into the leader’s underlying personality, motives, performance risks and problem – solving abilities.

Our assessment approach enables you to:

  • build alignment among key stakeholders,
  • compare candidates using robust data, and
  • understand their risks and choose the best leader for your organization.

Other solutions include:

  • Designing and implementing leadership competency and behaviour frameworks
  • Leadership team profiling to support development or team fit decisions
  • Identifying emerging and future leaders

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As co-designer of Strengthscope®, James Brook, our MD, and our team of highly skilled consultants and psychologists are ideally placed to help you implement Strengthscope® for assessment and development of your leaders.

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Leadership Development

Leaders and future leaders need learning experiences that enable them to develop their mindset, capabilities and adaptability to create thriving workplaces, breakthrough performance and sustainable growth.

We partner with clients to co-create and deliver experiential and engaging learning programs, ‘leadership labs’ and learning communities. Our blended learning solutions enable leaders to collaborate, tackle business challenges, explore new opportunities and prepare for the future.

Our Positive Leadership Labs™ (Inspire, Innovate and Impact) are experiential learning labs designed to tackle real work challenges, discover new opportunities and build change capabilities to shape the future. This approach ensures that learning and knowledge is translated into action during and immediately after the lab, maximizing your return on investment as well as the quality of the learner’s experience.

To equip leaders with the mindset, capabilities and habits to lead effectively, we offer a variety of leadership development programs, all of which are tailor-made to match the client’s requirements. Popular programmes include:

  • Positive leadership for breakthrough performance™
  • Building thriving workplaces™
  • Positive influence without authority™
  • Mastering the coaching habit™
  • Leading change that sticks™
  • Adaptive teams™

All our leadership development solutions use scientifically validated, best-in-class learning methods and are tailored to the client’s unique context and requirements.

Our programs are available in a variety of flexible delivery formats. These include face-to-face workshops, online sessions, leadership coaching, social learning and action learning.

Other solutions include:

  • Leadership learning needs analysis
  • Developing emerging and future leaders
  • New leader onboarding and team integration
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Leadership Team Effectiveness

Building unified, highly effective leadership teams is essential to deliver exceptional results and navigate a fast-changing, complex business environment.

High-performing leadership teams not only need a clear purpose and the complementary talents and expertise to succeed. They also need high levels of trust, candour, commitment and a curiosity for continuous learning to perform effectively and adapt to unpredictable change.

We have significant experience working with executive and other leadership teams to strengthen their team dynamics, styles, processes and outcomes.

Our proprietary AdaptiveTeams™ development process is designed to move leadership teams to breakthrough performance and enduring growth. It involves:

  1. Conducting a team diagnostic to take stock of the team’s dynamics, strengths and improvement areas
  2. Helping the team to improve openness, trust and ways of working together
  3. Aligning and agreeing team priorities and standards
  4. Clarifying roles and processes
  5. Improving the team’s ability to adapt, learn and build resilience
  6. Ensuring commitments to change are actioned and reinforced

Other solutions include:

  • Team coaching
  • Conflict and dispute resolution within teams
  • Consulting on setting up new teams or re-organizing existing ones
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Organizational Change & Culture

We evolve work cultures and support organizational transitions to enable clients to adapt to fast-changing business environments and shape the future.

Whether you are wanting to undertake a major re-organization, implement digital transformation, make a strategic acquisition or speed up product innovation, your leaders and teams need the capabilities and support to steer the organization effectively through the change process.

To create thriving workplaces that prepare clients to tackle complex change and fierce competition, we enable clients to continuously improve their organization’s curiosity, collaboration, digital transformation and innovation.

Decades of research show that the way leaders deal with the people aspects of change ultimately determines whether the change will be a success. Our high-trust approach builds broad-based support for change by involving those impacted, providing clarity of the goals and benefits, building change capabilities and forging a thriving learning culture so this becomes a catalyst for lasting transformation.

Our powerful ChangeMax™ process maximizes positive change outcomes, original solutions and human-digital partnerships required for success by enabling leaders and transition teams to:

  • Clarify the change purpose and goals
  • Take stock of transition capabilities, strengths and ‘gaps’
  • Identify risks and potential blockers
  • Create a roadmap to guide the change efforts
  • Mobilize people to build commitment and support for the change
  • Agree the structures, processes, culture, capabilities and digital assets required to deliver the change
  • Track progress and refine the roadmap with high quality data and insights

Other solutions include:

  • Company culture assessments and transformation
  • Leadership and culture due diligence for mergers and acquisitions to identify strengths, risks and key people factors impacting the deal’s potential and value
  • Advice and consulting to support the leadership aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of the top team

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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our customized coaching for leaders and teams transforms leaders’ performance, relationships and learning. By helping leaders build greater awareness of their impact and improving the way they lead people, tackle their most critical challenges and approach change, our coaching enhances their performance, resilience and future success.

We support a wide range of leadership coaching needs including:

  • Improving leadership effectiveness, confidence and resilience
  • Leading organization change and transformation
  • Stakeholder influence and impact, including cross-cultural communication
  • Strengthening leadership teams
  • Tackling tough people challenges
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Building readiness for succession

Our approach

Our leadership coaching is business-led and customized to your requirements. Key steps include:

  • A discovery process to clarify coaching goals, expectations and business priorities
  • Undertaking assessments and 360-degree surveys to build excellent self-awareness and momentum for change
  • Delivering face to face or web-based coaching sessions (typically 6 – 12), with pre-work and follow up activities
  • Reinforcing learning through online tools and resources
  • Reviewing progress to track success and ensure ongoing improvement

Our typical coaching process

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  • Coach matching, selection and contracting
  • Clarifying goals and expectations with client and company
  • Assesment/profiling
  • Optional 360-degree feedback process

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Coaching Sessions

  • Series of 6-9 coaching sessions (face to face or virtual)
  • Follow-up actions to embed learning
  • Access to tools and resources

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Review of Progress and Close Out

  • Review of progress with client and company
  • Optional 360-degree progress report

All our coaches have advanced coaching qualifications and excellent business experience, having worked with some of the world’s most innovative and successful businesses. We are also able to support projects across multiple geographies and cultures.

Other solutions include:

  • C-suite and leadership team coaching and advisory services
  • Peer coaching (facilitated peer coaching groups)
  • Emerging and future leader coaching

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Talent Management Mentoring

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If it is done right Talent Management will give your business a lasting competitive advantage, enabling it to adapt and thrive. Effective talent management is not only about finding and keeping the best talent. It involves understanding and ensuring exceptional employee experiences and outcomes across the full talent life cycle, including hiring, retention, performance management, development, succession, organizational change, wellbeing and even exit. You’re here because you understand this but need support and help to understand what’s possible, identify the right priorities, take your talent strategy and practices to the next level and tackle the complex challenges of the new world of work.

James, your mentor, has over 25 years’ experience working with some of the world’s most successful businesses (large and small) to help them plan, deliver and transform their talent strategy. He has led talent management for global companies and has also founded and successfully sold an international talent assessment and development company. James is an accomplished author and speaker on leadership, coaching, innovative talent management, positive organizations and the future of work.

The target audience

The programme is designed for Talent, L&D and HR professionals and leaders from any organization who have responsibility for designing, implementing and adapting their organization’s talent strategy.

What we’ll cover

Your mentoring programme is customized to your unique needs and challenges, identified during the initial session with James. However, it typically covers the following:

Talent strategy: What strategy, core capabilities and talent are required by your business to deliver its purpose and goals? How can you futureproof your strategy in this fast-changing and volatile age we have entered?

Executive and stakeholder buy in: Who needs to support the strategy, what roles will they play and how can you gain their commitment?

Talent processes and solutions: What processes, solutions and tools are needed to deliver your strategy?

Technology: How can digital technology be used to accelerate and streamline your talent processes and outcomes? How can you select the most appropriate tech?

Measuring talent outcomes: How can you track and measure talent progress and outcomes using accurate and insightful talent analytics?

Capabilities of a great talent leader: What capabilities and skills do you need to effectively lead the talent function/centre of excellence? What will you need to learn and adapt to ensure you are ready for the new digital age?

The programme will provide you with the expertise, skills, tools and confidence to improve your talent leadership, agility and outcomes. It will also ensure you have a focused plan for how to move forward in a way that will deliver strong and sustainable results for your business.

How do I sign up?

James only works with a handful of talent leaders at any given time.
During an initial complimentary meeting he will explore and clarify your needs, the organization’s context and business challenges, and talent priorities, gaps and aspirations. He will also provide more details about the programme and answer any questions you may have.
If you decide to go ahead, James will arrange a series of 3 or 6 online mentoring sessions with you, each lasting 90-minutes. Sessions are typically once a month, with time for practice and guided self-managed learning in-between. In order to get the most out of each session, you will also be asked to do some pre-work.
Additional sessions can be arranged after completing the initial programme.


3-month Talent Mentoring Programme £1,750 excl. VAT
6-month Talent Mentoring Programme: £3,000 excl. VAT

To arrange a 30-minute complimentary meeting with James to learn more about the programme and to discuss your needs, select a time using the link below.