We believe positive leadership and thriving workplaces can be accelerated by strengthening dialogue and co-creating new insight, knowledge and solutions for the benefit of our clients, as well as the wider leadership and human resources ecosystem.


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Optimize Your Strengths – Use your leadership strengths to get the best out of you and your team

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Strengthscope® Handbook: Your guide to achieving success through optimizing strengths and reducing performance risks


Published Articles

Various articles

Executive Grapevine

A selection of articles on leadership, motivation and performance psychology written by our MD and leadership psychologist, James Brook.

Why Many Work-based Assessments Will Fail the Test

HR Zone

Many work-based assessments to hire and develop people are outdated and unlikely to stand the test of time as we move into a new digital age. We explore the trends and alternatives.

Do Business Leaders Need Charisma?

Director Magazine (IOD)

Is personal charm and charisma essential when steering a successful venture? Our MD and leadership psychologist, James Brook, argues that leaders don’t need to be charismatic to be successful.

5 Steps to Building a Thriving Tech Talent Ecosystem

Fast Company

A big part of the tech business battle is hiring and keeping the right people. Here’s how to make it happen for your company.

Motivational Talks

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James Brook, founder and MD of Plexus Leadership, is an engaging and accomplished speaker on positive leadership, innovative talent management and building thriving workplaces using the science of optimal human functioning and positive psychology.

James is available for motivational talks, keynote speeches and presentations in the UK and internationally. He has presented at seminars, conferences, after-dinner events, away days and breakfast meetings. His style is highly energizing and will inspire, educate and challenge your audience’s thinking.

Topics include:

  • Positive leadership for breakthrough performance
  • Why your strengths could be your biggest risks
  • Thriving workplaces that boost ideas and innovation
  • The future of work: Leadership super-habits to succeed
  • Revitalizing your business with radical talent practices
  • Why sustainability is every leader’s responsibility

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