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Leadership Assessment & Selection

Combining the latest assessment techniques with our global experience selecting game-changing leaders, we identify leaders with the mindset, capabilities and behaviours to deliver great results and thrive in a fast-changing world.

We start with a discovery process to understand your business and “what great looks like” in the role you are looking to fill. During this process, we will explore how your customers, business and leadership requirements are changing. This includes considering candidates who will add greater diversity and creative thinking to your team and business.

Using this brief and our extensive business psychology expertise, we build a rigorous interview and assessment process to measure candidates’ strengths, performance risks and potential.

Our proprietary APEXLeader™ assessment approach helps identify exceptional leaders and future leaders. This involves:

  • An in-depth interview  to uncover a leader’s Achievements, Personality (strengths and risk area), Energy and unique talents, their X-factor.
  • Fit-for-purpose psychometric tests, work simulations and situational judgment tests. These provide additional insights into a candidate’s underlying personality, motives and performance risks.

Our assessment approach enables you to:

  • build alignment among key stakeholders on the best candidates,
  • compare candidates using accurate and objective data, and
  • understand candidates’ strengths and performance risks.

Other solutions include:

  • Designing leadership competency and behaviour frameworks
  • Assessing leadership teams to identify strengths and gaps for hiring
  • Identifying future leaders and improving diversity

As co-founder of Strengthscope®, James Brook, our MD, and our team of highly skilled psychologists are ideally placed to help you implement Strengthscope® for assessment and development of your leaders.