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Organizational Change & Culture

We create purpose-driven, positive and adaptable workplaces and cultures where people are empowered to thrive, innovate and shape a sustainable future together.

Applying positive and people-centric transformation, we help clients cultivate a thriving culture, navigate change and get fit for the future by building a more sustainable, innovative and resilient business.

Whether you are undertaking a major re-organization, implementing digital transformation, making a strategic acquisition or trying to speed up product innovation, your leaders and teams need the mindset, capabilities and support to steer the organization effectively through the change process.

Studies consistently show that the way organizations deal with the human side of change ultimately determines whether the change will succeed. Our positive, people-centric approach builds broad support for change by providing clarity of purpose, encouraging employee and stakeholder participation, building change capabilities and cultivating a collaborative learning culture.

We believe organizations should be a force for good to remain relevant and sustain healthy growth in future. We therefore help clients to embrace, develop and implement purpose-driven sustainability strategies that build brand loyalty, improve competitive advantage and generate high levels of commitment among employees, customers and other stakeholders.

Our powerful ChangeMax™ process maximizes positive outcomes, innovation and organizational learning by enabling leaders and transition teams to:

  • Clarify the change purpose and goals
  • Take stock of transition capabilities, strengths and ‘gaps’
  • Identify risks and potential blockers
  • Create a roadmap to guide and implement the change
  • Mobilize people to unlock energy, talent and commitment for the change
  • Deliver the structures, processes, culture, capabilities and technologies to ensure the change is successful
  • Track progress and refine the roadmap with robust evaluation and insights

Other solutions include:

  • Company culture assessments and transformation
  • Support to develop and implement purpose-based and sustainable strategies
  • Leadership, talent and workforce due diligence reviews for mergers and acquisitions