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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our executive coaching improves the performance, relationships, and adaptability of leaders, their teams, and the business by unlocking their full potential and strengths. To assist leaders to achieve their career goals, we also provide career transition coaching.

We enhance leaders’ effectiveness, relationships, and results with high-impact coaching for individuals and teams. By helping leaders mobilize the full potential of their people and teams, tackle challenges and adapt to fast-changing environments, we optimize their growth and performance.

Our unique, systemic coaching approach delivers excellent outcomes by improving the mindset, capabilities and commitment of leaders and their teams. Our positive and forward-looking approach also helps leaders adapt and innovate faster in response to uncertainty and rapid change.

We support a wide range of leadership coaching solutions including:

  • Improving leadership effectiveness
  • Confidence and resilience
  • Leading transitions and transformation
  • Building future leader readiness
  • Stakeholder influencing
  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Developing leadership teams
  • Accelerating innovation and sustainable growth.

Our approach

Our coaching provides a confidential and safe space for leaders to build awareness, improve the quality of their thinking, strengthen relationship, and adapt to be ready for the future. We always customize our coaching to the client’s unique context and requirements. The process typically involves:

  • An upfront discovery process to clarify coaching goals, expectations, and the business context.
  • Undertaking assessments and 360-degree surveys to build excellent self-awareness and momentum for change.
  • Helping the leader compile a personal learning plan based on their aspirations, strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Delivering face to face or online coaching sessions (typically 6 – 12), with pre-work and follow up activities.
  • Reinforcing learning through practice activities and learning exercises between sessions.
  • Reviewing progress and evaluating impact to ensure positive change and ongoing improvement.

Our typical coaching process

discovery - Executive and Leadership Coaching


  • Coach matching, selection and contracting
  • Clarifying goals and expectations with client and company
  • Assesment/profiling
  • Optional 360-degree feedback process

coaching - Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching Sessions

  • Series of 6-9 coaching sessions (face to face or virtual)
  • Follow-up actions to embed learning
  • Access to tools and resources

review - Executive and Leadership Coaching

Review of Progress and Close Out

  • Review of progress with client and company
  • Optional 360-degree progress report

All our coaches have advanced coaching qualifications and excellent business experience, having worked with some of the world’s most innovative and successful businesses. We are also able to support projects across multiple geographies and cultures.

Other solutions include:

  • C-suite and leadership team coaching and advisory services
  • Peer coaching (facilitated peer coaching groups)
  • Emerging and future leader coaching

Leadership Career Coaching

Our leadership and executive career coaching will help you stand out, maximize your impact, and enhance your career success, whether you are looking for a new job, a career change, accelerated progression or greater enjoyment in your career. Our empowering and practical career coaching programmes will help you:

  • Clarify your aspirations, strengths, values and personal ‘brand’
  • Identify roles and workplaces that will enable you to thrive and do your best work
  • Create and implement a focused and effective career search/transition plan
  • Prepare for interviews and assessment centres
  • Overcome performance risks and career barriers
  • Build a stronger network to enable you to succeed
  • Improve your career agility, resilience and confidence

We understand that it can be daunting to commit to a full coaching programme involving multiple sessions, especially if you have never experienced professional coaching before and are paying for it yourself. We therefore offer a short, accelerated Leadership Career Coaching Package for a very competitive price of £600 excl. VAT. This includes:

  • Two personalized online coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each
  • Strengths and values profiling
  • Support to strengthen your CV/resume and LinkedIn profile
  • An e-Handbook to help guide your leadership career