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Leadership Team Effectiveness

By strengthening communication, creative thinking, and collaboration, we prepare boards and leadership teams to manage competing tensions and create thriving, inclusive organizations that deliver exceptional results and unlock future growth.

Building cohesive, effective leadership teams is essential to deliver exceptional results and navigate a fast-changing, complex business environment.

Thriving leadership teams need a clear purpose and diverse mix of talented people with the right mindset, expertise, and capabilities to succeed. However, this is not sufficient. For team members to be at their best, they also need high levels of trust, commitment, and mutual support so they can learn together, achieve their goals and adapt to unpredictable change.

We have significant experience working with executive and other leadership teams to strengthen team dynamics, learning, agility and outcomes.

Our proprietary Thriving Teams™ process is designed to develop the performance, agility, commitment, and energy of leadership teams, accelerating performance and lasting success. It typically involves:

  1. Conducting a Thriving Teams™ diagnostic to take stock of how team members (and other stakeholders) view the team’s performance, cohesion, and improvement areas.
  2. Helping the team improve six vital building blocks of Thriving Teams™, including an inspiring purpose, guiding standards, delivery focus, mutual support, conscious communication, and applied learning.
  3. Aligning and clarifying roles and critical team processes.
  4. Improving the team’s ability to adapt, learn and build resilience.
  5. Ensuring the team has a focused development roadmap to guide ongoing improvement.

Other solutions include:

  • Team coaching
  • Conflict and dispute resolution within teams
  • Consulting on setting up new teams or re-organizing existing ones
team effectiveness - Leadership Team Effectiveness