Immersive and Impactful Leadership Training

We offer an extensive range of online and in-person leadership training programs, each focused on a leadership capability that is vital for leading effectively in times of rapid change.

All sessions are highly immersive, engaging and practical. Ideal class sizes are 10-15 participants. However, smaller, or larger groups can be accommodated.

Programs can be delivered as standalone workshops or as part of a series of connected workshops over several weeks or months. All training includes a handy Leader Quick Guide, as well as other tools and resources.

To amplify ongoing change and performance improvement, programs can be topped up with one-to-one leadership coaching, group-based peer coaching, change projects and follow-up booster sessions.

Our six most popular leadership training courses to improve leaders’ capabilities and help them navigate change are:

Leading thriving teams in times of change

Creative problem-solving to accelerate innovation

Mastering the coaching habit

Building resilience

Positive leadership with purpose

Conscious conversations

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